Athletic Greens – How I use them

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I struggle to ingest enough veggies on a good day, so, when life takes its ups and downs my nutrition suffers. Recently I had some major stuff go down in my private life. There were days where I didn’t ingest anything, not even water. As much as I knew it was important to take care of myself, some days just flew by and I never even got a chance to be healthy.

Life happens and when those times come it can be difficult to eat as well as we would like. It is in these cases where I will give myself a little help with a protein shake or a supplement like Athletic Greens.

How does Eva T. incorporate Athletic Greens?

I took Athletic Greens first thing in the morning as recommended, I just mixed the powder with water. It tastes great and has become my bystander for times where I felt like I couldn’t make myself well rounded, healthy meals. Additionally, Athletic Greens is a great supplement when you are traveling. It keeps your immunity up and insures that you get a well rounded dose of vitamins and minerals.

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“My nutritional insurance” – Tim Ferris

I couldn’t have said it better. Do I rely on Athletic Greens to replace fresh produce? No, you can’t out-hack an unhealthy diet. But if you are going to supplement, make sure it is the best quality you can afford. This is where Athletics Greens is a valuable, high quality, and legitimate option.

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