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In episode 6 of the MDME™ Podcast, The Fitness Explorer, Darryl Edwards, tells us how he changed his life from a desk jockey at 26% body fat to a very active, healthy “play out-er”.  After reflecting at what he enjoyed as a child, he moved away from athletic performance to a healthy fun and games approach to movement.

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Who is Darryl?

Darryl Edwards is an international speaker, certified personal trainer, nutritional therapist, and award-winning author of Paleo Fitness and Paleo from A to Z. His work has been published in Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Elle, Daily Express, Top Sante, as well as featured on the BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia.

His journey with the Paleo lifestyle began over ten years when he had iron-deficiency anaemia, hypertension, and 26 percent body fat. He felt weak, stressed, lethargic and suffered from insomnia along with debilitating lower back and knee pain. It didn’t take long after focusing on the Paleo approach to reap the benefits, and his improved health continues to this day.

Darryl left the field of technology within investment banking and is now a leading expert in the optimization of health and well-being, offering one-to-one and group-based consultations.

He currently lives in London, England, and blogs about his experiences with the Paleo lifestyle at thefitnessexplorer.com.

Did you know?

Darryl’s album Audio Cinematography was nominated as one of the top 70 albums of 2005 by Radio 1. Be sure to check it out on iTunes or Spotify!



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