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In episode 4 of the MDME™ Podcast, I talk to Joel Jamieson, founder and head honcho at 8WeeksOut and person behind the BioForce HRV. Find out how Joel uses the MDME™ approach for his clients and why he thinks this is the best way to guarantee longevity in any sporting endeavour.

Who is Joel?

In 2009 Joel founded 8WeeksOut with the one goal in mind:

To cut through all the clutter and misinformation surrounding strength, conditioning, combat sports and performance.

Joel is one the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports and has worked with and consulted extensively for teams and organizations ranging from Navy SEALS to Life Time Fitness and his BioForce HRV system is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA and more.

He is the author of the bestselling book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” and is a contributing writer to several top magazines and a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars all over the world.

Did you know?

Joel is an avid aviator and in his spare time he enjoys getting into the air with any machine that will take him there. Currently he is studying to get his helicopter rating.



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