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I was lucky enough to read Robb Wolf’s book Wired To Eat early and followed his plan, I did the 7 Day Carb Test. I learned a lot. I was always avoiding sugar of all types, even, especially early in the day.  Through the 7 Day Carb Test I learned three things that I did not previously know.

  1. My blood sugar is at healthy levels with a good amount of carbs in the morning (50 grams) , and I feel just fine throughout the day with these levels.
  2. Fasting can put me temporarily in a “diabetic” state where my body goes into gluconeogenesis and overcompensates for my lack of eating.
  3. A little movement brings my blood sugar down quickly and substantially.

How lucky we are to have information that does not just simply tell us what is good for us, but that teaches us how to self-assess so we may discover what is good for us. I have always been against collective training. I realize what is good for the masses may not be good for the individual, and this goes for the diet as well. Wired to Eat goes farther than just giving you step by step instructions to test what foods work best for you. It teaches you how to self experiment, and go beyond what you read on the pages.

I highly recommend that you read Wired to Eat.  Not only does it have An enormous amount of information including tables to get you started on a good path, but it gives you a platform to move forward and engineer the diet that is healthiest for you.

Last month I had a conversation with both Robb Wolf and Mike Rutherford and we discussed the implications of the 7 Day Carb Test and what it means for your health. Fortunately, we recorded it so you can listen to that here.

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