Why I Use Sleep Remedy

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Some people just don’t sleep well. Current research points to this finding as a major factor related to general wellness. Lack of sleep not only can cause you to perform a lower level of cognitive performance, but it can also reek havoc on metabolism, lead to poor dietary choices, and stunt the body’s natural tendency to recover.

There are other times when folks have temporary sleep issues, from worry, travel, and poor sleeping environments to name a few.

Personally I am from the latter. I generally sleep very well, but sometimes my schedules shift and I subordinate my bedtime to projects or social engagements. I do not like to take medicines, I avoid things like NSAIDs and cold medicines and don’t take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. When Robb Wolf gave me a sample of Sleep Remedy, I was reticent to try it. Then one evening when I was caught up in my thoughts because of a trouble that happened that day, I found myself ruminating – I knew sleeping would be a struggle. That was when I decided to try the Sleep Remedy. I slept well, I woke up in a peaceful state and felt none of the residual grogginess that often occurs when taking sleep medications. Now I use Sleep Remedy when my stress level is high, or when I need to adjust to a time change due to travel. Not only does it help me sleep every time, but it also is safe, the ingredients are non-addictive.

I also have friends that just were not sleeping enough and were thinking it was “OK”. Many of them suffered from chronic body pain, and fatigue during the day. One friend went from sleeping 4-6 hours a night, to sleeping a consistent 8 hours with Sleep Remedy. The greatest benefit is that he doesn’t have to take it on a consistent basis any more, and he only needed to use it for two weeks before his sleep became deeper and more consistent.

I recommend Sleep Remedy for my clients with sleep issues for these key reasons:

  • It is non-addictive and safe
  • It is easy to take
  • It helps you get into a pre-bedtime habit of reducing external stimuli that can effect your sleep
  • It helps you look, feel, and perform better

If you want to learn more about Sleep Remedy click here and check out this video where the creator of Sleep Remedy explains the importance of sleep.

If you are interested in trying Sleep Remedy you can learn more about it and get it here.

All I have to say now is “goodnight!”

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