Dutch Lowy – Fitness is an Ongoing Journey

In this episode of the MDME podcast, we talk to Dutch Lowy, owner and head weightlifting coach at BlackBox Strength & Conditioning in Forth Worth, Texas. I enjoyed catching up with Dutch and [...]

Athletic Greens – How I use them

I struggle to ingest enough veggies on a good day, so, when life takes its ups and downs my nutrition suffers. Recently I had some major stuff go down in my private life. There were days where I [...]

Melissa Hartwig – Your Relationship with Food

My guest in episode 5 of the MDME™ Podcast is Melissa Hartwig. She talks about what an efficient lifestyle looks like for her. She outlines why context matters, why her balance might not be the [...]

Welcome to the MDME Training course presented by the BioForce Project

I am happy to announce that the BioForce Project is out today! I was very honored to be chosen for this project by Joel Jamieson. Joel is one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength [...]