Engineer A Diet That is Healthiest for You

I was lucky enough to read Robb Wolf’s book Wired To Eat early and followed his plan, I did the 7 Day Carb Test. I learned a lot. I was always avoiding sugar of all types, even, especially [...]

Podcast: Wired To Eat – Robb Wolf’s New Book

Recently I published several images on Instagram mentioning Robb Wolf’s 7 Day Carb Test. In this new edition of the Eva T S&C Podcast, Robb, Micheal Rutherford ( Coach Rut ) and I [...]

Bone Broth – My Absolute Favorite Health Food

One of my absolute favorite health foods is bone broth! I love to make it and it has tremendous health benefits. Sometimes when I am unable to make my own magic broth because I am traveling or [...]

Trick or Treat? Why Just Moderate Alcohol Use Is Messing You Up.

One of my favorite things is getting together with good friends and sharing a delicious meal along with a few shots of tequila, good wine or both. What a fun combination! But recently, I have [...]

Athletic Greens – How I use them

I struggle to ingest enough veggies on a good day, so, when life takes its ups and downs my nutrition suffers. Recently I had some major stuff go down in my private life. There were days where I [...]