Engineer A Diet That is Healthiest for You

I was lucky enough to read Robb Wolf’s book Wired To Eat early and followed his plan, I did the 7 Day Carb Test. I learned a lot. I was always avoiding sugar of all types, even, especially [...]


Micheal Rutherford

Michael Rutherford Coach United States, Kansas, Kansas City Olympic Weightlifting CrossFit Strength and Conditioning   Michael Rutherford (a.k.a. Coach Rut) has over a quarter century of [...]

Why I Use Sleep Remedy

Some people just don’t sleep well. Current research points to this finding as a major factor related to general wellness. Lack of sleep not only can cause you to perform a lower level of [...]

Trick or Treat? Why Just Moderate Alcohol Use Is Messing You Up.

One of my favorite things is getting together with good friends and sharing a delicious meal along with a few shots of tequila, good wine or both. What a fun combination! But recently, I have [...]