Twelve Tips for a Strong, Healthy and Happy Holiday

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The Holidays can be a complicated time. Travel, family time, and gyms that do not gibe with your routine can make you feel uneasy and stressed out. It is my hope that I can provide you with some useful tools to get you through the holidays and feeling fine on the other side of January 1.

1) Get a good dose of training before the holidays start. This way you can just focus on maintenance during the jolly season and get away with some simple body weight home workouts. You can find a “No Equipment Needed” (NEN)  workout here at Eva T. Strength and Conditioning at the bottom of many blog posts!

2) Gauge your party time and adjust your exercise. If you had a little too much to drink, eating poorly and lacking sleep, settle with a walk or a very light movement strategy. Going to the gym or getting intense is not going to get you any fitter or healthier.

3) Focus on a non-equipment goal like running-sprints or hill-sprints. Getting some good sprinting in is a good idea and the holidays might just be the time to work on some speed!

4) Find a good indoor swimming pool and get in some water time. Swimming is great for mobility and keeps the body supple. Pools are a standard embellishment in most hotels and provide a consistent venue for a swim if you are traveling.

5) Give yourself a maximum number of “eat anything” days. The holiday season is a long one, and if you decide to eat whatever you want for the “season” it could get you in trouble. Mark 5-7 days where you are going to eat what you want, but don’t blur the lines and end up derailing your dedication to health.

6) Walk. Almost everyone can take part in a walk, plus it’s a good way to bond with family and get some safe exercise.

7) Family Dynamics reality check. Try not to take the interactions too personally; remember, everyone lives in their own reality.

8) New years resolutions…read Food Freedom Forever.

9) Schedule some “me” time. Even though the holidays are about being with others, make sure you take some time out on your own. This time can be a walk, some internal silence time, or a workout.

10) Check Your List. Take one mundane work item off your “to do” list and do a small thing that you have been procrastinating about.

11) Call and personally thank a person or persons that have positively influenced your 2016.
12) New Year Action item #1. On January 1, 2017, start the year off by going to a mirror and smiling at yourself.

Whether it’s getting your workouts in, dealing with social dynamics, or targeting goals for 2017, it is my hope that this list will help make your holiday and new year Strong, Healthy and Happy!

Have a Joyous Holiday!

No Equipment Workout:

*Speed hike or hill sprint 7×20 seconds.
*please warm up appropriately
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