Dutch Lowy – Fitness is an Ongoing Journey

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In this episode of the MDME podcast, we talk to Dutch Lowy, owner and head weightlifting coach at BlackBox Strength & Conditioning in Forth Worth, Texas. I enjoyed catching up with Dutch and I hope you will enjoy diving into his wealth of knowledge.

Dutch points out the difference between training as a competitive athlete and a normal joe-shmo. He goes on making a valid point when he says that “fitness” is specific to the person and their goal. Also, he outlines how he uses time under tension to not only improve physical attributes but also improve clients’ mental capacity.

Who is Dutch?

Dutch has been coaching for over 10 years, is a level 1 US Weightlifting coach and a strength and conditioning specialist. He is a level 2 CrossFit coach and was on the Crossfit HQ staff teaching certifications. He has even taught Pilates, showing a wide range of interests and influences in the fitness world.

Did you know?

In 2010 Dutch travelled through South Africa attending a number of soccer matches at the 2010 World Cup. All he had with him was a tog bag.

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