Get Ready for the Slopes!

Summer is over and it is time to get ready for the ski slopes. Last year, Eva T. S&C brought out a one month preparation training ebook specifically to get you ready! And you can get 20% off [...]

Melissa Hartwig – Your Relationship with Food

My guest in episode 5 of the MDME™ Podcast is Melissa Hartwig. She talks about what an efficient lifestyle looks like for her. She outlines why context matters, why her balance might not be the [...]

Joel Jamieson – The Data Doesn’t Lie

In episode 4 of the MDME™ Podcast, I talk to Joel Jamieson, founder and head honcho at 8WeeksOut and person behind the BioForce HRV. Find out how Joel uses the MDME™ approach for his clients and [...]