Flossing Part 1- with Mark Rogers

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Systemic Inflammation

As a dental hygienist, my biggest struggle is to convince my clients to floss regularly. It is not only important for their teeth, but also important for systemic health by reducing systemic inflammation. You’ve heard of gut permeability and the hazards that it can cause to your health, both physically and mentally, right? If not, know that when the gut is permeable it can leak toxins into the blood stream that can travel anywhere in your body and cause inflammation. In the context of where the inflammation is causing disruption, it is telling on how it might manifest. For instance, inflammation in the brain may cause emotional issues; in the joints it may result in joint pain; and in the endocrine system, fatigue and a variety of systemic problems.

Mark Rogers tells his flossing story….

Flossing with Mark Rogers and Eva T. from eva twardokens on Vimeo

Gum Inflammation ( Gingivitis )

The gums or gingiva also can become permeable because of residual bacteria in the mouth or on the teeth. The most potent type of bacteria is usually gram negative, which thrives where there is little or no oxygen. This is where the flossing comes in. When bacteria hide between teeth and between the teeth and the gums, where there is less oxygen, bacteria evolve into gram negative and become more damaging. Gram negative bacteria can become motile and burrow into tissue! The infection causes an immune response that not only damages the integrity of the tissue it inhabits, but stinks! So, in addition to the gut, the gums are another prime location where protective membranes can be breached, allowing toxic leaks into our blood stream with the potential of causing systemic inflammation and disease in other organs, including joints, the endocrine system and the brain!  So remember, floss every day. Flossing is not only beneficial for your teeth, but also for your health.

Stay tuned, next week flossing tips- time to get on the field with floss!

~Eva T.

NeN Workout:

*4241 push ups x5 and a 200 meter run, 5 rounds~GO!
*4241 push ups. 4 count down, 2 count at the bottom ( chest should be on the deck) , 4 count up and a 1 count at the top.
Please warm up appropriately.

You can find Mark Rogers for more floss coaching at simplyhumanlifestyle.com .


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