Flossing Part 2- Technique

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-By Eva T., R.D.H.

Many of my patients tell me they floss regularly, but when they show me how they floss I realize they are doing it wrong! Flossing is misunderstood as cleaning between the teeth when it is really cleaning between the tooth and the gum. Getting this bacteria out of the sulcus is important for the health of your teeth and your general health. Once folks start using the correct floss and the right technique, their oral health improves greatly! And that means their systemic health will be that much better. Check out this video for the details:

Flossing part 2- Technique from eva twardokens on Vimeo.

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In my final installment on flossing we will talk about the best “non-flossing” tool to use, and tricks for helping you remember to get it done!

Eva’s Recommendation of the day:

Warm your  hands by rubbing them together or holding on to a warm cup of fluid to quell anxiety. For more anti-anxiety tips read: Anxiety 101

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