Flossing Part 3- Other Tools

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-By Eva T., R.D.H.

In this article along with the video, we are going to talk about alternative flossing tools. The BEST tool is to floss with good floss, but if you absolutely can’t handle that here are some alternatives:

Reach Access Flosser – I like this for folks with big hands, those who don’t want to put their hands in their mouths, one-handed flossers or double-taskers.

Standard floss holder– This is pretty big and you have to thread it yourself.

Interdental Brush – These are ok, as you will see, they do get into the sulcus a little bit. They are tough to use with tighter tooth to tooth contacts and healthy tissue.

Soft Picks– great for around bridges, but really doesn’t clean the sulcus as well as floss.

Stim-U-Dents–  Orange wood picks shaped like your spaces in between the teeth, basically a fancy toothpick, better than nothing, but not nearly as effective as floss.

NO! – Floss Swords –  ( not in the video) I’m not a fan because the angle of the floss is difficult to maneuver into back teeth. You need a zipper on your cheek to get in there!

floss 3 from eva twardokens on Vimeo.

As you can see by the video, the floss holders work quite well and get into the sulcus, second choice would be the interdental brush because some of the bristles actually get in between the tooth and gum. The other tools are ok in a pinch, but will not substitute for flossing, mainly because it is nearly impossible to access the sulcus with them.

Do the best you can do with floss, if you must use other modalities sometimes that is ok too. When you see your Dentist or Hygienist see how your frequency, method and tools are working. If she says you are looking healthy, keep it up, and great job!

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