Eva T.’s Pocket Workouts – Your Guide to a Scorching Summer Body

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I am excited to announce that Eva T. S&C will be coming out with a fitness tool consisting of 30 workouts. This will part of a series I call “Eva T.’s Pocket Workouts”. The great things about them are that you can do them anywhere, they do not require equipment, and you can do them with your friends.For example, it is a beautiful day and you want to go to the beach but you still want to work out! Going to the gym will take you at least 90 minutes – not to mention all the fun you will be missing out while hanging out with your buddies! With this handy guide, you can get your workout done on the beach and even getting the folks you are spending time with involved! Oh, did I mention these workouts are great for busy moms too?

“But what are the benefits of these workout, Eva T.?”  Well, I’m glad you asked:

  • they are short (under 20 minutes)
  • they are simple
  • they are effective
  • they are fun
  • they adhere to Eva T.’s MDME

In my experience as a trainer, coach and Olympic athlete, consistency is the most important factor that makes training successful. Keeping the workouts short and easy will increase consistency and therefore get you one step closer to your scorching summer body!

“Tell us more! When is it ready?”

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with all the information, so be sure to check in here every now and again, like Eva T. S&C on Facebook or follow me on Twitter! And if that isn’t enough, here you can sign up for the Sustainable Lifestyle Gazette.

Eva T.’s Recommendation of the Day:

Summer is nearly here and with it –  sun exposure.  This will increase your naturally produced vitamin D, a good thing! Find out your optimum time in the sun, with the D-Minder App!

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