Eva T’s Pocket Workouts – 3 Easy Eating Tips

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Ok, so you’ve got your Eva T.s Pocket Workouts in hand and you are excited to go. Just one more thing before you take off! Remember my old saying: “You can’t out-train a bad diet!”. So I am going to give you just a few guidelines to follow for your eating! And let’s not call it a diet, OK?

1) Stay hydrated. The more I look at blood work and folks health in general, the more I realize many of their struggles begin with dehydration. The type of water you drink is key, you want water with minerals and electrolytes in it, but be careful with the sugar content of drinks like gatorade. Avoid  drinking distilled water or water that has had the minerals removed by osmosis, they may lack important minerals for your body’s ultimate function. I recommend pure electrolyte water, you can get these at most stores. How much water? One half your body weight in ounces is a good measure. You can also calculate the amount of water you need HERE.

2) Avoid packaged foods. If you must, see if you can eat foods that have less than 5 ingredients on the label!  You will notice that following this recommendation is going to result in having to turn to a lot of healthy proteins and veggies. Easy on the fruit (1-2 servings a day). The main message here is keep your food quality high!

3) Lay off bread and pasta. Ever wonder why you seem to be able to devour the bread at the beginning of a meal? It is because breads and pastas have very little nutritional value, and your body is thinking, “I need more to get the nutrition I need, keep eating!” So, your body doesn’t shut the hunger feeling off.  But, have you ever overeaten broccoli, chicken or prime rib? Probably not because your body is getting the signals that it will receive the nutrients it needs. So for the time being, try to limit or eliminate these foods and stick to the good stuff, high quality vegetables and meats.

My eating tips are about laying down guidelines that are doable. Just like the workouts, restricting yourself too much will often end in failure. Just take baby steps and try a few things at a time. I hope these tips will help get you started!

Eva T’s Recommendation of the Week:

A good way to get a ton of nutrients is with organ meats.  Most say, “YUK!” The fact is:  “It is one of the most nutrient dense foods in existence”- Chris Kresser.  Organ meats will make you beautiful from the inside out, but it is key that they come from pasture fed animals. A reliable source is US Wellness Meats . They make a great beef liverwurst with high quality beef liver, heart and kidney. No bad stuff added to this. I like to cube it and fry it in European butter and have it over rice ( I use white rice ) or a bed of greens. You can also mix it in an egg scramble. Yeah, it  might sound gross, but I think it is the tastiest way to get  your organ meats. Add organ meats into a couple of meals a week for a real kick in your nutrient intake…you’ll be surprised, it is not so bad!


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