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Quality sleep can help you lose body fat!  After a good nights rest, you can combat stress and keep your cortisol levels at their optimum so that your eating and exercise regimen can work to their maximum.
When the body is stressed it produces cortisol, a hormone that when dysregulated, can cause an increase in body fat, specifically in the belly area. Remember, working out after a poor night’s sleep only makes the systems that enable you to get lean lose efficiency. So, get a good night’s sleep and prime yourself to trim the fat!
Another reason why good sleep will help us lose fat is that when we feel fatigued from a lack of sleep, we usually grab for junk food, namely sugar, having lost our good sense of reason when we’re hungry.

Here are some strategies for getting more sleep:
1) Get to bed early. The more hours asleep before 2 AM, the more rest you will get. During the time before 2 AM your hormone levels will be optimal for rest and repair. At around 2 AM the body starts waking up by slowly increasing cortisol blood levels until it is time to actually wake up….usually sunrise. So, I’d say 9-11PM is an optimal range for getting to bed, depending on what your wake up time is. I’d like to see at least an uninterrupted 8 hours!
2) Darken your room. There should not be a shred of light in there! No clocks, no light leaks! The body senses light in not only the eyes, but the skin, so an eye mask isn’t the answer. Keep your room cool and well ventilated, and of course, quiet. You can track your sleep with this cool sleep application, it is my personal favorite and tracks your movement and sounds too, just in case you snore!
3) Stay off electronic devices like your phone or computer one hour before bedtime. The blue light from these instruments mimics the sun and that makes your melatonin level tank! You need melatonin to fall asleep and stay asleep, so devices off one-hour before shut-eye.

Strange but true that sleep can actually help you lose weight. I make it a priority in my health regime. Even small improvements in your sleep can make a difference on how well your system responds to good diet and exercise. Sleep the primer for a scorching summer body!

For more information on SLEEP CLICK HERE.

Eva T.’s Recommendation of the Week:

Eat your kale raw and love it! I like to rinse my kale and then massage it with olive oil and lemon, with a splash of  white vinegar and a pinch of salt. It will be tenderized and tasty!

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