Dress to Impress! Show Off Your Scorching Summer Body

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When you head to the beach it is important to be in a suit you feel confident in. If you are active on the beach that means wearing one that will stay on! Even the best bodies can look less than perfect if dressed inappropriately. So, here are 5 simple tips for enhancing your scorching summer beach body!

  1. Your top is too small if you have side boobs, under boobs, OR side boobs AND underboobs. Done and done!
  2. Your Bottoms Should enhance your booty. If your bottoms are making you look like your butt is hungry and it is eating your suit, consider a suit with thicker material and more of it!  Make sure your bottoms are not too big and saggy, this can be a disaster if you decide to go in the water.  DO find a bottom that fits! Try it on in the store, jump around a little and make sure it stays on. It should hug you tight enough to stay on, but shouldn’t bind you in a way that makes it look like you are busting out of the garment.
  3. Match your suit to your activity level for that day. I personally have suits that I wear just for sitting around, and ones I wear when I am going to do a workout or surf. Another idea is to mix and match a basic boy short bottom with a secure colorful top if you are planning to be active.
  4. Keep it simple. Super strappy suits or ones with metal, sequins, or tassels can make you look like an exotic dancer, (not that there is anything wrong with that). The suits that I always go back to are simple and tasteful, and they don’t take away from my positive characteristics!
  5. Wear a suit that makes you feel confident. Wearing a suit that makes you exude confidence is probably the most important tip I can give you. People will notice improvements in your body, but also the attitude you project. Most importantly feel comfortable, keep it simple, and be classy!

Basic Swimsuit Fit Guidelines:

  • Remember that lycra expands 1/2 inch when it gets wet! Your suit should be slightly small in the dressing room if you plan to get wet!
  • Solid colors hide features and make them look smaller. Patterns will make thing look bigger and draw attention.
  • Textures like ruching and gathers make things look bigger.


Eva T.’s Recommendation of the week:

Get your magnesium before bed it will help you sleep!

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