Is the Max Box Jump A Good Indicator for “Ups”?

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Do you think your raw standing vertical jump is higher or less high than your highest standing box jump?

Your vertical jump number will be about 65-70% of your box jump. So, if your box jump is say, 50″  your raw vertical jump may only be 33.5″.  This is because a box jump has the components of flexibility and you can retract your legs towards your chest rapidly. There is the potential that a stiff guy might crush you on your raw vertical jump if you can out-box-jump him by several inches, simply because he’s got the “ups” but not the hip, knee and ankle flexibility, involved in the box jump. The above components should be remembered for the box jumpers that are comparing numbers.

Another factor to consider is the body weight of the jumper. If you have a guy weighing 270 lbs., jumping over 35-inches for his raw vertical jump, you’ve got quite an athletic individual on your hands! We are talking POWER!

Lastly, in the raw vertical jump, shoulder flexibility might help you knock over a few more tabs on the standardized leap measuring tool (VERTEC), used in most protocols for testing the raw vertical leap. I just had to add that consideration.

I thought these points were very interesting, especially because we are talking about a greater than 20% difference between the box jump and the raw vertical jump! I never imagined it could be so different.

Remember, the difference between your box jump and your vertical jump will not be close nor will it be linear in comparison to other jumpers. This is because of the varying levels of flexibility and anthropometry paired with raw vertical jump potential. Considering these basic facets of jumping will open your mind to understanding your true jump potential.

A few different ways to jump high:

The Box Jump:

The real deal raw vertical jump:

Just for fun. Kenyan jumpers:

Other Chatter about this subject at CrossFit Football, Beyond Strenght Perfomance

No Equipment Needed Workout:

*5 vertical jumps, run 400M 5 rounds ~GO!
*please warm up appropriately
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