Subject-X and the beginnings of the Crossfit Movement: VIDEO

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Recently, one of my besties, if not my best bestie, Micheal Rutherford from Bootcamp Fitness and Crossfit Kansas City hooked me up into skype and we talked about the good ol’ days and the beginnings of CrossFit. “Rutman” as they call him or “Rut” for short has always been a source of my growth in the fitness realm and our conversations bring us to useful conclusions about our approach to staying strong and healthy for the long term. I can always count on Rut to keep me laughing through all the nonsense we see in the world of fitness today….and it IS funny. So, sit back relax and watch, listen and learn! You may find out some interesting facts about the history of CrossFit and how we have learned from the program and changed our outlook to optimize the health of ourselves and our clients. How did the CrossFit movement start? Find out here:

 Skype Interview with Eva T. and Coach “Rut”

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