Do You Have the S-Gene?

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Many of us have the S-Gene, and that includes me. I am not sure what predisposes us to this gene. Is it a mutation or what? While I call it the S-Gene, it actually stands for the STUPID GENE. I’ve talked about it in my presentations, but if you haven’t heard about it, the S-Gene is the voice in your head that whispers,

“ You’ll get six workouts in this week no matter what”. It is the expression of that provocative, sexy voice that keeps you going in search of the praises, “good job”, and “you’re amaaaazing”. You are the sucker who practices muscle-ups after a long shoulder intense workout and just cannot leave the gym without showing off your “mad moves”. Time after time you express the S- Gene and it screws you over again and again by causing incredible soreness, minor and major injuries, and silly accidents that never needed to happen. Or maybe they did? Such conditions can be a test to make you aware that you actually have the S-Gene, or that you suffered a short lapse in common sense. For the latter you will immediately make adjustments such as intelligently changing your ideas on fitness and reviving your positive self-perception. For the former it comes down to two things: self-awareness and management.


If you feel an outstanding drive to do things you logically know are wrong it is important to catch yourself and kindly tell your S-Gene to “shut up”.  Have a conversation with yourself.  It might go like this:

S- Gene: “ Hey let’s run over there and try a skin-the-cat! You’ve never done it before and you just got your first dead hang pull up, this would be such a killer addition to your repertoire!”

Logical You: “ Do you really need to do that today? What do you have going on this week, and will there be a more appropriate time to learn this movement? Do you have the joint stability for this movement in the first place? “


It doesn’t mean you need to snub your fitness fun, but the whole experience of fitness will be more sustainable and better for your health if you, perhaps, manage it this way:

S-Gene: “Be tough, plus, it will only take you a few minutes to give it a try, you only live once.”

Logical You: “I will do some investigating by talking to coaches, watching some videos and revisit this idea next week. My shoulders are a little scorched and that might be a sign that this movement isn’t right for me yet. Plus, I want to create an environment for success.”


So now it is time to be introspective. Ask yourself if you have the S-Gene by taking the Stupid Gene Test:

  • Have you been hurt multiple times in the gym environment?
  • Have you ever gone against your coaches recommendation that you wrap up your workout and go home?
  • Have you ever stayed at the gym past the predicted time of your session trying new movements or practicing by yourself without coaching more than two days a week?
  • Have you ever denied when something hurts and work through the pain?
  • Have you ever used NSAIDS to mask the and/or signed up for the local “Throwdown” even though the pain is keeping you up at night?
  • Have you ever missed important social events or your children’s activities in lieu of working out?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you inevitably have the S-Gene. Please re-read the dialog on “awareness” and “management”.

Though this article is humorous, it also has an air of seriousness to it. If you feel like you need management in your workouts, and you are just not finding your logical voice, talk to experienced coaches and have them keep an eye on you. Ultimately that is why they are there. Remember fitness should not include injury, and especially not chronic injury. If you are unfortunate enough to have the S-Gene, as I do, seek some outside assistance from an experienced coach to keep yourself on track. Managing the S-Gene is one more way to being Strong, Healthy and Happy!

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