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I am happy to announce that the BioForce Project is out today! I was very honored to be chosen for this project by Joel Jamieson. Joel is one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning! Working with Joel has been a gift, he is a true genius and I learn something new every time I have the opportunity to spend time with him.

Watch the video!

Joel’s desire to bring you no-nonsense training advice, I believe, makes him a stand-out in the fitness industry. If you have a chance to acquire any of his material, especially his BioForce HRV system, do it sooner than later!

My collaboration with Joel is a course that is part of the BioForce Project called MDME ™ Training. It is a visionary guide in health, recovery, and longevity. It will give you step by step directions on how to organize  training modalities, loads, and volume to keep you and/or your clients in a safe and sane workout zone. You will get an overall look at the concept of stress and cortisol regulation together with how it relates to training. You will learn to manage workouts in relationship to daily stress levels by using the BioForce HRV monitor.

Whether you are using the MDME™ Training course for yourself, or your clients, I want you to be empowered by this knowledge and be able to use it to guide you towards health for the next 10, 20, 30 years – and beyond! This is necessary knowledge is for all who desire to have a well rounded repertoire in the field of strength and conditioning.

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