Crossfit Houma, Open Minded! – Seminar Experience

Each time I do a seminar I experience different backgrounds. Past seminars have been with trainees who had either been at it for awhile and were ready to *E-volve or were young and ready to train [...]

Brian Ellender – CrossFit Houma

The seminar on the E-volved Trainee by Eva T. was amazing, informative, and a lot of fun. By the end of the day we (owners and trainers) were discussing when to ask Eva to come back. The added [...]

Burn Out. Let’s Fix This Already!

We have reviewed the symptoms of burn out, personality types, and the nuts and bolts. Now let’s get to fixing this! There are two ways to get started on the road to recovery. One – the [...]

Whole 9 Life

Some introduction …. and affiliate link

Burn Out! Part 3, the Nuts and Bolts

Burn out occurs when the exquisitely organized systems of the body become basically disorganized, and it only takes one out of balance body system to start a syndrome of problems. Earlier I wrote [...]

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