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Each time I do a seminar I experience different backgrounds. Past seminars have been with trainees who had either been at it for awhile and were ready to *E-volve or were young and ready to train themselves to the bone. With this in mind, prior to every seminar, I worry about being a curmudgeon! After all, I’ll be telling folks that they need to assess their health, monitor their sleep and diet, and slow down on the exercise! I prepare myself to endure the pain of delivering the message that training yourself in an excessive way will not pay off, but will, in fact, cause damage. This I know, and I am willing to be thought of as the “bad guy” to get the message across. The one thing I knew going into the Crossfit Houma Seminar was that the owners of the gym supported my theories and only wanted the best for their clients who were very sharp, responsive, and open minded. Even though my words may not be received with full consensus, I always feel like I may be planting a tiny detonator in the attendees heads that would one day activate and my teachings would all make perfect sense. For this crew, my guess is that there may be a bit of  processing to be done, and my hope is that aging and injuries will not beat an awareness of my principles to the punch.

Eva T. Seminar at CrossFit Houma - Eva T. Striking a PoseCrossfit Houma is a small gym in Houma, Louisiana about an hour drive from New Orleans. The owners are Brian and Junko Ellender. I met Brian through his brother Ernest, back in the day of the original CrossFit gym! Those guys would drive 45 minutes to get over the Santa Cruz Mountains from the Bay Area because they knew the workouts were worthwhile. Now, as we have all aged 10 years, we can see what hard training over time, and the “type A” personality can do. We have seen that the high intensity mixed modality training can wear you down and cause some long term problems. BUT ONLY IF done incorrectly and in excess. The final goal was learning how to make people aware of which types of training are sustainable, and which are not.

Eva T. Seminar at CrossFit Houma - The Press

I started the movement portion of seminar with Strength as my topic. Being able to tap into my decades of experience as a professional athlete to help build strength in others is a gift that I cherish. Building strength is safe, and almost everyone can get stronger. We talked about the characteristics of the lifts that are important. No, it’s not that “so and so” does it, and therefore we should. No, it’s not because “everybody” is doing it and it is “totally cool”.  I have chosen the safest, most effective and efficient movements to help a wide range of folks get stronger and increase their skill-set in order to further their fitness and health while minimizing the risk of joint wear and systemic burnout for the long run.

Eva T. Seminar at CrossFit Houma - Eva T. Fixing the SquatThe movement sessions consisted of a squat session, a deadlift session, a basic Olympic weightlifting session, and a small metabolic conditioning workout. The attendees seemed to really catch on to the movements and understand why the particular form I taught was important. We covered why strength and skill acquisition were critical in a trainee’s fitness aggregate.

I want to thank Brian, Ernest, and Junko for inviting me to CrossFit Houma. I can tell you that if you are in their area, you can be sure that this gym is after your best interest. The coaches continually keep themselves and their clients educated on what is the best path towards your fitness goals. I thank them for caring enough to support some unfashionable ideas that will one day benefit their clients. Also, I would like to thank the attendees for coming, being willing to learn, keeping an open mind, and focusing on getting things done correctly! CrossFit Houma went above and beyond what we know as “Southern Hospitality” and I hope to be back to see these great people again soon!

Some seminars offer great tips and cues for future use, but Eva’s methods offer more: by planting seeds for topics that are fluid and demand continued study (stress, heart rate variability, hormones, etc.), the attendee gains the ability to become a student of his or her own health. ” (see full testimonial) – Brian Ellender, CrossFit Houma

No Equipment Needed Workout:

*Lunge 14 steps, 7 push ups, and a 140 meter sprint@80%. 4 rounds, ~GO!
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