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The seminar on the E-volved Trainee by Eva T. was amazing, informative, and a lot of fun. By the end of the day we (owners and trainers) were discussing when to ask Eva to come back. The added insight that she brings to issues such as stress and sleep have given us both great tips and homework to read about on our own. Some seminars offer great tips and cues for future use, but Eva’s methods offer more: by planting seeds for topics that are fluid and demand continued study (stress, heart rate variability, hormones, etc.), the attendee gains the ability to become a student of his or her own health. She relates her own experience as an athlete in a powerful, relatable fashion that enables attendees to form an understanding of the issues involved with overtraining and stress on the body, making people question some of their basic ideas about what health and fitness are. Speaking with our members after the seminar, we found that they enjoyed the lifting instruction AND appreciated understanding why the cues worked. As a gym owner, I have attended numerous certifications and seminars, and Eva T’s was by far the most personable and effective in the long term. As trainers we now understand several additional guidelines that will help us learn to program safer workouts, helping our members achieve greater fitness. Furthermore, the increased understanding of stress and overtraining will help us work with our members and their individual lifestyles for them to achieve greater overall health. As Eva stressed, understanding members and their individual needs is the best way to help them in the long run. Thanks again, Eva, and we WILL see you again!

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Eva T. Seminar at CrossFit Houma - Group Picture