Taking My Own Advice…

Hello Everyone from Cape Town South Africa! This week I am taking my own advice and getting away for some rest and relaxation to recharge my body and my mind! Stay tuned for some more informative [...]

What I Look For in Any Exercise…

If you are an E-volved trainee, trainer or coach you start to weed out some movements that are either just no good, have hurt you, or haven’t gotten you much in the way of improvement. You [...]

“When a Remedy Becomes a Poison” Peracelcus (1493-1541)

“Often the remedy is deemed the highest good because it helps so many.” So too with exercise and it’s the dose that tips the scales. Peracelcus was a German/Swiss physician, [...]

The Dose Makes the Poison!

I have always disliked the common saying, “everything in moderation.” There is not one Olympic Athlete, successful entrepreneur, or for that matter, anyone I know who has truly kicked [...]