The Dose Makes the Poison!

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I have always disliked the common saying, “everything in moderation.” There is not one Olympic Athlete, successful entrepreneur, or for that matter, anyone I know who has truly kicked ass in the achievement of their life goals who would say that they did “everything in moderation”. 

What I do know is that we tend to do in excess the things that we perceive as good or healthy. Ideas and recommendations, such as mixed modality training, ancestral-like eating, and lifestyle choices and solutions for de-stressing are not written in stone; they are simply logical trends that make good sense to us. And so, we go with the current trends to guide us in our quests for health. But statistics change along with the sophistication of clinical trials, investigative methods and the volume of clinical experience. Exercise is one trend that seemed undeniably a good idea ­no matter the volume, the modality, or the intensity. An accumulation of research over the last 6 to 7 years from credible investigations by respected groups in the USA, UK, and Europe is telling us otherwise; too much exercise can cause damage to your cardiovascular system.

In this video, James O’Keefe M.D., Cardiologist and endurance athlete, has recently lectured at the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard University, focusing on excessive endurance exercise and reminding us that studies are ongoing and results are still controversial. I believe that the information regarding excess will hold true, not only for the heart, but for skeletal muscles, joints and excessive metabolic conditioning of many types as well. This video might just SAVE YOUR LIFE! Let me know your thoughts and please post your insights and ideas to comments!

No Equipment Needed Workout:

*Sprint 200M and do 20 push ups- 3 rounds.~GO!
*warm up appropriately for 15 minutes
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