Bare Bones Equipment for Home Workouts

Some people don’t have time to go to the gym, and some people are not yet ready to be in a gym atmosphere. I am going to provide you with my ideas for 4 basic pieces of  gym equipment, that [...]

Choosing Your Fitness Program

When selecting an exercise program to meet your goals, be sure that it is designed to progress towards your goal in the safest and most effective manner possible. Fitness goals can be grouped [...]

Relax! It Takes Practice to Recover

My friend Jim Laird has some views that I think fit right into the Eva T. Strength and Conditioning model. OR maybe my views fit into Jim’s! Either way, in this article he talks about [...]

Sustainable Exercise – How To Stay In The Game!

For the Baby Boomer era, the word was “exercise” the fix-all. If you worked out, you were cool. The harder, the longer, the faster, and the more you worked out, it was theorized, the [...]