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Some people don’t have time to go to the gym, and some people are not yet ready to be in a gym atmosphere. I am going to provide you with my ideas for 4 basic pieces of  gym equipment, that will keep you busy for a long, long time.

1) My favorite tools are rubber hex dumbbells which you can  purchase on amazon. If you are a “prime member” you can get free shipping, which is worth it because if you have ever bought weights before, well, the shipping is based on weight! I love dumbbells, you can do simple things like presses and lunges, and more complex movements like cleans and 1 arm snatches (please learn how before trying these). You can also swing the dumbbells like a kettlebell! If you are experienced at working out you can order Micheal Rutherford’s “Dumbbell Moves” and get plenty of fun ideas. IF you are a beginner, here are a few beginner moves you can try:  Remember to warm up appropriately and master the moves without weight before you move on to the weighted versions.

2) I also like having a jump rope available. This way you have a mode of getting your heart rate up, without going anywhere or purchasing big pieces of equipment, like rowers or stationary bikes. My favorite rope is the Buddy Lee jump rope. It is adjustable, fast, and well priced. You can do simple skipping and advanced agility work with jump ropes. If used correctly it can be a great therapy for weak ankles. Here are a couple things to try with the jump rope:

3) The slam ball is another one of my favorites and if you get this you can use it as a weight for sit ups or squats – along with the intended use, which is slamming it into the ground and picking it back up. Not only is it a fun way to let out your frustrations, but also a great way to get a full body movement in. Check out these videos:

4) Finally, the ab-mat. I like this tool for simple sit ups and it helps keep the curvature of the back in a position for a nice connected contraction throughout the stomach muscles, while also protecting your back from over-extension. Here is how it should look:

I have recommended 4 pieces of equipment that you can buy for under 200 dollars and be well on your way to some fun, productive, and healthy workouts so you can be strong, healthy and happy!

By purchasing your equipment through the highlighted links you are helping to support EvaTSC…

Until you get your Bare Bones Equipment here is your No Equipment Workout!

Walk 30 Seconds, 10  push ups, Run 30 seconds, 10 push ups, Sprint 10 seconds, 5 push ups – 5 rounds GO!~
Please Warm Up Appropriately!
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