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What is your starting point when you walk into the gym? Do you know how hard you should go, and, do you make adjustments accordingly? If you do, what is your baseline? In this podcast we talk about the optimum amount of training for the individual and how you can quantify where you are so you can qualify yourself to work out. There are simple tools out there that will help guide you to long term health and success in your training. This podcast we will discuss how to acquire simple testing that you can do at home to find out what your baselines are. I recommend an adrenal stress index test that you can get from me, following a short consult. You can sign up for that HERE. The other tool that you can use is the BioForce HRV monitor that is fantastic because it monitors your day to day stress so that you can adjust your workouts accordingly.

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Click HERE to listen to the podcast: Training for Long Term Success.

 E-book is out: 30 Simple Workouts in your pocket, anytime, anyplace!

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