Coming Soon: Eva T.’s Pocket Workouts – Your Guide to A Scorching Summer Body

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First Day of Summer It’s ON!
I am excited to announce that we are about a week away from launching the first in a series: Eva T.’s Pocket Workouts – Your Guide to a Scorching Summer body! The ebook will consist of 30 workouts that you can do in a short amount of time and take them anywhere! There is no equipment needed. You can view these workouts on your computer or mobile devices, along with the simple instructional videos. I have spoken in person with many of you out there and folks are very excited to get these workouts in hand so they can use then on vacations, business trips, at home, or at the beach! It will make for a handy tool to keep up your fitness or get you on your way to that scorching summer body! Please look out for our release on the first day of summer!
–Eva T.

Eva T.’s Recommendation of the Week :

Use these glasses at night to spare your melatonin. Blue light from your computer screen, mobile devices and TV knock down melatonin levels and compromise your sleep. If you are going to be on your device in the evening try them:

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