The *E-volved Trainee

Last week I posted Rob Miller’s article “The Map of Athletic Performance”.  It  was sports-specific and based on, you guessed it, performance! The performance-driven trainee is [...]

Physical Progression with Purpose

I have had the opportunity to observe a large sample of people who have made a commitment to becoming the best that they can be in their physicality. Their discipline and commitment is usually [...]

The Best Medicine: Sleep

Sleep has come into the spotlight again. From the days of “high carb, low fat” diets and the “sleep is for pussies” era, we have arrived at an unhealthy place. One of the [...]

Minimum Dose Maximum Effect Training

Minimum Dose Maximum Effect (MDME) ™ is a training theory based on programming only the amount of training and  degree of intensity needed to reach or maintain a good body composition and  [...]