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I have had the opportunity to observe a large sample of people who have made a commitment to becoming the best that they can be in their physicality. Their discipline and commitment is usually outstanding, but eventually misguided. The reality seems to be that they have been successful in reaching their goal.  However, no matter what the modality, fitness goal, or skill acquisition desired, the process of progressing from a beginner to a higher level is often associated with the idea that “more is better”, following the misguided mind set of “more-of-what-worked-will-work”. What actually needs to occur at the crossroads of transitioning to a higher level of performance is a change of direction: redefining goals and changing volume, type of movement and intensity. When the beginner trainee is transitioning into an intermediate/advanced trainee, changes in the nervous system occur and their internal library of physical experiences and training adaptations must be taken into consideration.

My good friend and professional climber, Rob Miller, has written a comprehensive article that embodies the concepts of training adaptation through all levels of movement. My hope is that by sharing it and discussing it, his concept of “The Map of Athletic Performance” will help you form some new ideas about training that will launch you into success. If your goal focus is simply health, stay tuned, next week I will give you some tips on keeping your training fresh and your general well being at its best.

Please post discussion and thoughts to comments.

–Eva T.

“The Map  of Athletic Performance” by Rob Miller-HERE



Sprint 100M plus 10 lunge steps* 7 rounds~GO!
*1 minute recovery between rounds



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