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Minimum Dose Maximum Effect (MDME) ™ is a training theory based on programming only the amount of training and  degree of intensity needed to reach or maintain a good body composition and  support you physically in the sports and passions in your life.

MDME™ training is the product of a long experience with my own overtraining mistakes, seeing others overtrain, and the amalgamation of the views of the best coaches in the country on training doses.

For Example

Theoretically, it is not logical that if you could get fit in 20 squats, that you would not need to do 50?  What does that extra 30 squats do for you other that wear out your joints?  A good trainer recognizes that most folks need guidance about where to channel their training energy for the most productive outcome. MDME™ training is an individualized program that integrates the passions in your life with a strength and conditioning program that eliminates wasted time and energy, maximizes fun, and enhances health.

If you want to learn more about MDME™ Training, and want to be trained under this concept click HERE!

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