I’m NOT a Professional Meditator…

I had a great time on The Healthy Comedian podcast! Thank you Dan French, Amy Kubal and Corben Thomas. We spoke about ways to “redefine success” by monitoring it, eliminating some of [...]

Why Every Heart Needs An HRV Monitor, Part 2.

I see a lot of folks burning themselves out and ruining their health by doing one or all of the following: over exercising, overworking, eating poorly, and not sleeping well. I call these people [...]

Why Every Heart Needs an HRV Monitor. Part 1

I have to face it, I’m a gadget girl! I track my sleep and can run my business from my iPhone. One of my favorite gadgets to date is the BioForce Heart Rate Variability Monitor (HRV). [...]

Paleof(x), Theory to Practice….

Last year PaleoFx held its first collaborative symposium in Austin, Texas.  I was invited to sit on a few panels and teach the squat and the deadlift. Other than that, I listened to lectures by [...]