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Last year PaleoFx held its first collaborative symposium in Austin, Texas.  I was invited to sit on a few panels and teach the squat and the deadlift. Other than that, I listened to lectures by Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, James Fitzgerald and more!  I hung out, made friends and had discussions greats like the Hartwigs (It Starts With Food) and numerous other pioneers in Health and Fitness. It made such a positive impression on me that I knew I needed more exposure to this environment.  This year when I was invited back for 2013, there was no question, I had to go. I just couldn’t miss out on the educational and productive conversations with the top of the field practitioners, as well as hearing the speakers present their cutting edge knowledge. There is not much more exciting than to be able to bring new ideas into my practice and to my clients. One of the best things that PaleoFx has to offer is contact with top trainers, scientists, and doctors, all forging ahead to create the potential for optimum health, in fitness and longevity.

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One of my roles at PaleoFx was that of sitting on several “Master Mind Panels”, where a collection of experts discuss a topic. I sat on the panels discussing Strength and Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning for Women, Adrenal Fatigue, and The Paleo Diet for Athletes. My favorite contribution was teaching the back squat and the deadlift on the floor, where everyone got a chance to move the bar and get some coaching. Finally, I did a 40 minute lecture on “The Athlete Does Not Have a Certificate of Health, ­Solutions for Healing.” Thank you everyone for coming and listening to what I had to say in all of the venues!


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The following video below will give you a feeling of the event, and cover some of the things I might have missed. You can purchase most of this years’ lectures at the PaleoFx web page, I highly recommend checking it out. If you like it, make plans to be there in person next year and look out for other PaleoFx events around the country! I will surely see you there!


NEN Workout:

*Sprint 100 meters and do 10 push ups, rest 1 minute. Repeat. 5 rounds~GO!
*warm up appropriately!


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