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I’ve always had an interest in sleds as a conditioning tool, so when I had the opportunity to evaluate the XPO Sled, I jumped at it. Take a look!

I’ve been using this sled for about a month and it’s an amazing conditioning tool that works the posterior chain while increasing baseline work capacity. It will humble you! The sled is SO easy to use without much instruction that I can get clients going on it right away – walking, running, sprinting, pulling. I found it to be a terrific workout for my time. With under 200 meters of pushing you can get a killer workout! So, if you’re going for that one piece of equipment to have at home or at your gym, this is the one! Used by itself, or combined in with other workout modalities, the XPO Sled is my favorite workout toy! Do your homework and make the move! You won’t regret it.

I have organized some discount codes for you! Armored Fitness Equipment is even throwing in a free t-shirt (add a comment with your t-shirt size when you order)!

  1. EVASPICK1 – use this when buying one sled. Enter this in the discount code field during the checkout process. It will give the current discounted price of $599 for one sled.*
  2. EVASPICK2 – use this when buying two sleds. Enter this in the discount code field during the checkout process. It will give you the current discounted price of $999 for two sleds.*

There are also some used competition sleds available from Armored Fitness Equipment. The sleds have been used in two total days of competition, are like new, and come with a full warranty. They are dirty – very, very chalky, but other than that are like new. Obviously, there’s a very limited number available, so it’s first come first served. The discount code to purchase one of those is ClashUsed. Each one is $450 and you can order multiple if you’d like. You are welcome to give this code to anyone you want, but when they’re gone – that’s it, so there’s no guarantee of availability!


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No Equipment Workout:

**5 push ups plus a 30 second plank hold, turn on your back and do 5 hollow rocks! Repeat 5 times. ~GO!
**Please warm up appropriately!
*By purchasing your XPO sled with Eva T. coupon codes you are helping to support Eva T. S&C.



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