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Whether you are training to succeed in a sport, or just want optimum health and longevity, my  three peaks model: strength, health, and happiness are important. Health and longevity are a combination of these three “peaks”. I am a skier, so I like to call them “peaks”; balancing them is optimal for a good quality of life. Whether you are training to succeed in a sport, or just want optimum health and longevity, the balance of the “Three Peaks” is a format for success! Let’s dig deeper…..


The stronger we are physically, the stronger we are in life. In a general sense we could say that physical strength is relative to the conditioning of the individual. If you are completely deconditioned, being able to walk for 20 minutes might be your version of increasing strength. If you are a competitive athlete and don’t have a bodyweight back squat, we have to do some work. Strength and activity are an important component of health and it is essential that we understand this concept. We have evolved into a sedentary nation; we must turn this around, baby step, by baby step.

Building muscle is physiologically important for longevity. Did you know that muscle mass is the   #1 BIOMARKER  for a long life? We need it so that we don’t become frail as we age. Muscle mass also serves as our organ reserve; it is the “battery” of our body. If we have too little muscle mass, our batteries are forever running low, we are not putting out much energy and have a significant potential to become deconditioned. I am not asking you to turn into a muscle man, but what I am saying is: “Strong is the new skinny!”


Providing intelligent health solutions through customized strength and conditioning programs, coupled with simple nutrition and lifestyle choices, are at the core of health.

Lifestyle choices such as diet, rest (sleep) and chemical balance are what I categorize under “Health”.

Diet. Many say that diet determines 80% of the outcome in our body composition­ not exercise! It is different for everyone, but it is a biggie. There are certain foods that we are meant to eat, and some that have made us become a very diseased population. I advocate eating whole foods, meaning that they are generally unprocessed. In the beginning eliminating one type of food may be your only goal. Eating well is an evolution for everyone, a process, but once you get there and become an “intelligent eater” (Dan Pardi) you will see that it is quite easy ­and fun!

Rest. More specifically let’s say, sleep. A restorative night of sleep, day after day is the golden ticket to health and fitness success! There is testimony that just improving one’s “sleep hygiene” results in a loss of body fat and a gain in energy. The science is there to prove it. Good sleep is essential!

Chemical balance. Are you any ONE or several of these: fat, fatigued, depressed, have gastrointestinal issues or feel like your hormones are imbalanced? Being on the cutting edge of health and fitness doesn’t just mean exercising and eating well, it means balancing your physiological systems so that exercising and eating well actually WORK! I have some simple tests and tools that can determine your readiness for training ­how much and when to do it. Balancing your body chemistry will optimize and accelerate your training results!

Determining stress levels and total body health. Before taking on a fitness program, it is important to determine the stress levels and the health state of each individual in order to construct the optimum program. With objective feedback tools and laboratory testing (optional), we can track your health and your readiness for training. When the body is balanced, the training becomes more effective and we greatly reduce or eliminate the chance of injury caused by too much stress or overtraining.


Emotional well being, helps us stay on track with our goals. This part of your plan can be integrated in the first two peaks. I am a big advocate of a health plan including activities that feed your soul. What do you love to do? Cook? Surf? Walk? Ski? Climb?

Can we include this in your overall plan? The answer is yes!

Get Started With Eva T. and the “3 Peaks”!

Eva T.’s Famous No Equipment Needed (NEN) workouts-Here you go! For on the road or a quick one at home, give it a try!

10 push ups 10 air squats and 10 sit ups, 5 rounds for time ~ GO!
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