After training for most of my competitive years, I have come to understand that life does not happen in the gym. All my clients are highly successful and want to keep healthy. That does not mean that you should not have goals in your training.

It is my goal to help my clients lead a happy and healthy life. My online programming balances your real life challenges with your goals in the sphere of fitness.

  • I enjoy not being sore all the time and just accepting that as being normal. It's not normal to be sore everyday, I don't miss it.

    Dale Belcher
    Dale Belcher Amateur Masters Boxer

What you get

  • Weekly assignments on Sunday
  • Video review when necessary
  • Adjusted program based on your schedule
  • Rest day recommendations

Every workout consists of

  • Mobility and workout preparation
  • Number of sets and repetitions for each exercise
  • Exercise tempo

How it works

Once you have submitted the form on the right, I will contact you to set up a call.

Every Sunday I will email you your assignments for the coming week. Every session will have a warm up, a strength session and Рif applicable Рa conditioning part.

These sessions will take in account your access to a gym and equipment and any travel schedules you have.

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