Please contact Eva to set up this service and for more details.

  • Cost is a fixed rate plus all expenses.
  • Host markets the seminar.
  • Host sets seminar attendance fee.
  • MAX 20 attendees – not all attendees need to participate in the movement portion but are encouraged to observe.

General mock-up of Eva T. Seminar – all times are estimates.

Duration Description
45 min Intro
Go over basic structure of the day.
Who is Eva T?
15 min Who are you? Attendees introduce themselves.
10 min Break
60 min What is an *E-volved Trainee?
  • diet
  • stress
  • inflammation
  • future chronic disease
How to protect health and improve longevity:
  • strength – muscle mass – developmental
  • safe – effective – efficient
  • met-con – depending on stress levels – developmental – short – sprints
  • sports – new movement – gymnastics – weightlifting
  • walking and light movement counts – stimulative
10 min Break
40 min Movement: Low Bar Back Squat (LBBS)
Teach Squat 1×5 – LBBS, warm up 10-15 minutes.
My reasons for choosing the LBBS – “SEE” – run up – 2 -4 people per platform – should have shoes!! Coach each other.
45 min Lunch
30 min MDME™ training- Minimum Dose, Maximum Effect Training.
What is MDME™ training?
  • reps
  • movements
60 min Movement: Deadlift (DL)
DL work up to a 1×5
Set up and explanation thereof
Mechanics of the DL
30 min Olympic Lifting- why, how do we count it in our training
  • mobility
  • gymnastics
  • strength
  • speed
60 min Movement: Power Clean
20 min Technique counts – be vigilant!
25 min Short met con with dumbbells (if time allows)
15 min Q & A
Good bye End

Times and content subject to change.

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