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We all make goals for the new year, and I have decided to lay out a bit of what Eva T. S&C goals are for 2014, including short term scheduling, seminars, programming, adrenal and gut testing. Plus, monitoring one’s work outs is all part of being Strong, Healthy and Happy in 2014 

Eva T.’s Seminars and Appearances

My goal is to teach gyms how to sustain their clients and teach them to become students of their own health.

Stay tuned for details! If you are interested in a seminar or a talk, please contact me here.

Programming goals – what you will get

My team takes the guessing out of your training, making a plan and a goal that is appropriate for you. We can customize your training by testing your general stress load with adrenal tests, and continuously monitoring your training with the help of the BioForce HRV. This way, you can be at your best and still be at the peak of health instead of guessing and finding out that what you have been doing is actually shortening your life, and wearing you down.

Here is what some people have said about our programming:

“After years of being my own coach, I had made significant progress, but  had reached a point where I was constantly struggling against plateaus and monotony (and unknowingly poor form). Just a few weeks into my training with Eva T. S&C, my form and mechanics improved significantly and I was already learning skills on my long term bucket list. Now I’ve moved beyond just lifting iron to developing solid technique that accelerated my strength gains. ”
–Josh Nickell


My Boxing is improving as I get stronger. I feel confident in my strength like never before. I am experiencing a rapid increase in my overall strength which will allow me to continue to fight younger men.
I will be fighting in The Ringside World Championships Masters Division in March 2014. My training with Eva T. S&C will help me win back my Belt… I have no doubt…”
–Dale Belcher

We have had such great success with our programming clients that we are excited to announce we will be expanding our quota, meaning there are more spots available for you to take advantage of! These spots are very limited, so be sure to schedule your free consult today – this is the first step.

Lab Testing why we do it

Take the guessing out of your health and establish a baseline today! Know where you stand and see how training, nutrition, sleep and other lifestyle choices effect your health.

Answer this one question: How is what you are doing working for you now? If it is not working, adjustments need to be made. Testing is the first step to awareness in where we are, and in monitoring where we are going. Eva T. S&C offers adrenal testing to monitor overall stress loads along with basic hormone and sensitive gut testing so we can eliminate and improve factors that may contribute to potential systemic inflammation. All the tests are done in the comfort of your home  and are self shipped to the lab, the process is easy and most importantly informative. If you would like to acquire a test kit schedule a free 10 minute consult here.

2014 will be a great year, especially if you are committed to taking control of your health. Come see me at a seminar or book one for your gym! You may also choose to have Eva T. guide you through your workouts online or in person. Testing for the ultimate results in fitness and health are available so you can be Strong, Healthy and Happy in 2014!


No Equipment Needed Workout:

*10 walking lunges, 5 push ups, 5 rounds GO!
*please warm up appropriately
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