In response to your question about the least damaging time to take NSAIDS and repair of the damage already done by NSAIDs:

Least damaging time to take NSAIDs when absolutely necessary would be when the body is least challenged physically. That would be when the heart is at rest and has no demands on it for an increased cardiac output. It has been found that the MOST damaging time to take IBUPROFEN is before, during or immediately after an endurance competition when the heart is working hard to provide O2 to itself, the overheated skin, and the needy brain, all of which challenge the integrity of the gut barrier.

How to heal the damage already done by NSAIDs: (1) Good food that doesn’t harm the gut lining in any way, certainly no grains or seeds. (2) No aerobic exercises.

The concatenation of events that harm our body starts with the cardiac output. When that is challenged the gut will suffer and if excessive heat is in the mix, thermointolerence can affect all the visceral organs.

I hope this helps,
Mary Conover,  BSNed

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