Find your training sweet spot so you can be “STRONG, HEALTHY, and HAPPY“. Learn how to keep your training sustainable by using the most efficient, effective, and safe movements. Discover ways to be a student of your own health in order to experience the highest quality of life.

  • be healthy – explore your priorities for the next 10-20-30 years.
  • move like a champion
  • use technology to make your training and health sustainable – track your collective stresses
  • Eva T.’s personal “magic tips” to make your training safe, efficient, and effective
  • movement sessions coached by Eva T.

This is an all- day seminar that combines lecture with movement. There will be 3-4 movement sessions focused on the squat, the deadlift, a short met-con, and some basic Olympic lifting.


“As I walked out of the seminar, I knew that if I could take one thing away, it was to continue to E-volve as an athlete, coach, and individual. By listening to my body, and making better decisions while training I have seen noticeable improvements. Additionally, I have seen improvements outside of the gym in my home life and as a father. It really is about knowing who you are and what is truly important.” – Joe Latini, Crossfit Mercer

“Some seminars offer great tips and cues for future use, but Eva’s methods offer more: by planting seeds for topics that are fluid and demand continued study (stress, heart rate variability, hormones, etc.), the attendee gains the ability to become a student of his or her own health. ” – Brian Ellender, CrossFit Houma

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Do you want to host Eva T.’s Sustainable and Optimization of Health Seminar at your gym? Contact me now and tell me why this is important to you.

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