It is great to be in a position in which people trust my judgement. The (small) downside is that I get a lot of messages asking for advice especially regarding products and services. To make it easier for you to keep track of my recommendations, I’ll list them here.

Atheltic Greens grass-fed Whey Protein

Athletic Greens – Grass-fed Protein Powder

100% Natural and Minimally Processed: Contains Essential Amino Acids, Cofactors, and Other Nutrients To Keep You Nourished and Satiated!

Bioforce HRV

BioForce HRV Monitor

HRV is a quick, easy, and totally non-invasive measure of readiness and fatigue. All in just 3 minutes a day.

Find out why you need to measure your HRV. You can also listen to my podcast with Joel Jamieson.

Eva T. S&C - Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy

Designed to help you overcome the most common nutritional deficiencies that can interfere with deep, restorative sleep.

Eva T. S&C - Vital Proteins Collagen

Vital Proteins – Collagen Greens

Want to look and feel younger? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body ensuring the health and vitality of your skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones and joints.

Eva T. S&C - The Gut Institute - Probiotic

The Gut Institute – BIFIDO|MAXIMUS Probiotic

Our most effective, special, dairy-free probiotic formulation containing five superior strains of freeze-dried, friendly microorganisms that specifically target and help the small and large intestines, improving the intestinal microbiome and digestive processes.

Eva T. S&C - Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition – Powdered Bone Broth

A breakthrough in protein supplementation that delivers the benefits of homemade bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix form.

Read my take on this product here.

Eva T. S&C’s ultimate goal is keeping folks healthy through positive lifestyle habits. But, there are also some extraordinary products out there that I use myself and for my clients. To be transparent, I affiliate with some of the products. The one’s that I affiliate with help support Eva T. Strength and Conditioning when you purchase them through my link, and I appreciate that!

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