A balance of the 3 peaks are optimal for a good quality of life. Whether you are training to succeed in a sport, or just want optimum health and longevity, Eva T.’s 3 peaks is a comprehensive model for success.

During my peaks of performance in competition as an Olympic athlete, I thought I was one of the healthiest in the world. That would also have been the common opinion of those interested in the Olympic Games. In retrospect, I wasn’t.

Why? The amount of training it took to be at that high level of physical performance was overkill for most bodies, and the constant emotional and physical stress was not conducive to health. But, I was getting paid, it was my career and I was successful. I went to two Olympic Games as a ski racer, so there are no regrets!

Now, I believe that there is a correct amount of exercise for every individual, and It should be only the amount that keeps you healthy, maintains your body composition, and supports the activities that make you happy. I call it Minimum Dose Maximum Effect (MDME™) training. But, what if you want to excel at a sport? Well, there is a right way to do it and my MDME™ theory for training will help you avoid burnout and succeed at your sport.

This website will use what I call the “3 Peaks” to health.
Strong. Physical fitness or strength and conditioning that includes all folks from grandmas to athletes wishing to succeed in a sport.
Healthy. Let’s remember the big picture! You want a quality of life extending into your later years. Right? Being healthy starts with positive lifestyle coaching, and that includes learning one’s appropriate amount of exercise and what an optimum diet should look like.
Happy. What do you love to do? Surf? Knit? Ski? Skydive? Play feeds your soul and that is important for quality of life. The first two peaks should feed the third and enhance your mood and your quality of life!

Integrating these “3 peaks” will help you balance your life and eliminate the pressure of “having to do things” that should be elective. It will help prioritize your tasks and get you on the right track. You will feel it! If you have an athletic endeavor, having a good balance in your life will help you succeed in your sport or competition.

I want to put the power of health and success in your hands!

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