This is my “I AM” page. Are you here? If not , we’ll find YOU! I have several options in my “services” page. We can mix and match these options to suit your individual needs. For Example: If you live out of town you might need some web coaching, but you don’t know the movements. That is where we could set up a “mini camp” and teach you how to move, so that we can proceed with excellent online coaching!

You should be able to identify with one or a few of the “I AM”s:

I am an athlete who wants to be better.

If you are an athlete, I can help you with your strength and conditioning to make you a contender. We can make a program and you can choose how to get personal coaching.

I am a person who wants to be healthy.

That is all I want, no more and no less. The Three Peaks and the MDME™ (Minimum Dose Maximum Effect) training is all about that!


I am a fitness pro, I need your input.

I am a gym owner and I need your input. Not only have I learned what is most important for a gym, I can also give you tips on how to streamline your business, and how to provide quality information for your clients. Contact me.

I am a person who just wants to look great!

Lose some body fat? Could your metabolism be broken? There are many things you can do to get on your way, and they all will help your body composition! Sign up here.


I am a ski racer. I want to win at every level.

If you are not sure what to do for dryland training, I can help!


I am a person who wants to Olympic Weightlift.

These lifts are technical and I have the desire to master them! As a successful athlete and coach, I can show you how.


I am a person who needs strength and conditioning.

Whether you are in Santa Cruz or far away I can help.


I am burnt out. I need a new twist.

Did you know that it could be something internal? Have you been overtraining? Looking for answers? Your ability to digest and use energy might be compromised. We can do some simple lab testing that will make sure you are working on a full tank! Get your vitality back.

I am a professional. I need fitness.

Is your livelihood your work? Do you want to be fit, but afraid you may get hurt and compromise your profession? You don’t need to kill yourself to achieve this!


I am a mother. I need to take care of me!

Is your time limited? I can help you get there with mini workouts that will get you in shape!


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