I used to think that because I worked out that I could eat anything I wanted. Now I know that is NOT true! How many folks do you see out there that work out all the time, but still can’t lose that body fat? There a several things that might be going on here: First, you just might be eating too much! Second, you might be eating the wrong things! Third, is it possible you are working out too much and your body is not metabolizing fat because it thinks you are not going to survive? And finally, is your metabolism broken?

Sometimes we just overeat! If you think that is the case, ask yourself: do I have an emotional tie with food? How can you fix this? It is possible that some folks need professional help here, but, usually it is a matter of  just weighing  and measuring your food for a week or two so you can recalibrate your perception of portion control.

Most people eat the wrong things or things that their body does not agree with. This causes inflammation in the intestines and soon can affect other parts of the body causing body pain and sluggishness. So, knowing what foods you are sensitive to is something you should strive to be informed about. There are several techniques that are called “food elimination diets” that can help you figure that out. A few of my favorites are The Whole30 and Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Transformation Diet. Make sure you choose one that has a well planned out re-introduction to specific foods, so that you only have to experiment with yourself once! I can help you with this stuff as well.

A lot of folks can’t get rid of belly fat because they are working out too much. When your body is not well fed, and you are not well rested, it recognizes exercise as just another stress! The right amount and the right type of movement is critical to getting your body in the sweet spot for burning fat. Certain lab tests like the Chronic Stress Assessment Test, also known as the Adrenal Stress Tests are easy to acquire and give you some objective on where you stand with your overall stress and most importantly how your body is handling it. If you want more information get in touch with me HERE.

Finally, some people just have a broken metabolism. A broken metabolism can be brought on by emotional stress such as a divorce, a death in the family, a second child, and even a new relationship! In these times our immunity gets compromised and we can pick up low grade gut infections and other pathogens that make us feel tired and gain weight. These immune compromises also stress our system, so, here again, is where some simple lab tests can eliminate wondering how we got so overweight and tired.  I have these tests available for you if needed.

In conclusion, if you are stuck in a rut and can’t get to the healthy body composition you want, it might be because you are doing the exact opposite thing your body needs. Too much food, the wrong food, the wrong amount of exercise, excess stress, and hidden inflammation from infections that can leave you powerless in your ability to lose body fat.  It is important  to educate and inform yourself with the proper and accurate information that will enable you to avoid working in the wrong direction.

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