MDME™ Training Starts With Recovery – The “UN-Training” Challenge

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The MDME™ Training Model will work for  you if you have a solid base of recovery. So, to remind you about some ways to get there, I am bringing back a post that I want to embellish on. This is for everyone, but, in honor of the “Type A’s” out there I’ll call it: The “UN-Training Challenge”.  The following information is a guide and a necessary baseline and prerequisite in finding success at  Minimum Dose Maximum Effect Training. That is, in a nutshell, training just the right amount to stay healthy for the long term and preserve your joints.

A lot of trainees have a hard time taking a week off. The Un-Training Challenge is similar to the 30-day diet challenges, but, instead, it focuses on your recovery. The UN part is easy; the week of UN-training will be an exercise in not exercising. The two main rules in this challenge are:

  1. do not stress about not working out
  2. focus on your food and your sleep


Most people on a fixed training regiment work out too much. They’re not paying attention to whether or not their workouts are truly benefiting them from day to day. It’s simply, “I’m going to work out five days this week because that’s what I always do.” If that’s your attitude, depending on your other stress inputs, several of your workouts have the potential of being not only non-beneficial, but downright bad for you.

Take one week completely off, repeat every five to six weeks

In practice, what does this mean? Go along with your daily schedule, but don’t go to the gym or do any planned workouts. Walk or do sports that are fun for you, but only at a lighthearted pace – and don’t stress out that you are missing workouts at the gym.

Where the hard work is:

Don’t be mistaken, this is not a vacation, nor is it a way out for you buttercups out there. This is serious work to your benefit in both short and long terms. If you are not a professional athlete and are not training for a particular event, sustainable fitness should be your goal. Learning exactly how much training volume you need to stay at an optimum level of health and reduce the future risk of injury and disease is valuable information.

Please share your experiences using #UNtrainingChallenge on Facebook, @EvaTwardokens on Twitter and Instagram.

Compete at recovery if that’s what it takes!

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