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Introducing the perfect, fun, pre-season progression that will prepare your body to take advantage of the fun to be had this winter!

We had a great success with the E-book, ”Scorching Summer Bodies Pocket Workouts“, based on being able to have a short workout that you could do in under 20 minutes with no equipment. The form of the book fits on mobile devices and the client could have a quick workout, anytime, anywhere, with instructional videos included.

I am now creating a similar product for tissue prep based on my own years of conditioning as a 2x Olympian in Alpine skiing. This new SkiStrong Pocket Workouts eBook will consist of one cycle of workouts in 4 weeks of progressive movements that would benefit any level of skier who wants to prepare for the season.

During my career as a clinician on the slopes I realized there were three types of clients:

  1. No pre-season ski-prep:
    This client just snaps into their bindings on their first day and goes for it. They are taking their chances and I hope they have a great insurance policy!
  2. The very serious skier:
    They try to do their best at working out, but miss some key sport-specific movements that count the most, and wonder why, after all their prep, they don’t progress in their skills on snow.
  3. The expert/pro:
    This skier has good conditioning program, but needs an adjunct or a “on-the-road” program that keeps them maintained and sharp for the season ahead.

Remember, we need more than just linear movement to adapt our bodies to ski safely, efficiently and effectively. Just riding a mountain bike all summer won’t cut it for the slopes. As you get closer to the ski season, even just a little sports-specific preparation can make a big difference. Moving our bodies in skiing angles and at skiing speed doesn’t have to take up a big part of our lives ― just 30 minutes a day, one month pre-season, can help maximize your enjoyment on the snow and stay safe.

Are you interested? Then head over to the “SkiStrong Pocket Workouts” introduction page – I have a short video there. You can also sign up to receive an email when we launch!


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