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A lot of folks have been inquiring about adrenal fatigue, workouts, and how to manage them together. Since I have written quite a bit on the subject I am writing this short post with the intention of answering many questions through articles that are already in my blog.

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Here is a guide to some of the articles I recommend you start with:

Adrenal Fatigue and Working out

If you are worried that you might be running the adrenal gauntlet, here I write about the tests and tools I use and recommend

And here is a first person recap of what running the fatigue gauntlet could look like:

There is more if you search around! If you don’t find the answers you want, please set up a free 10 minute consult HERE and you can speak with me directly!

NEN Workout:

*20 walking lunges 10 each leg, run 400 m – 4 rounds ~GO
*Please warm up appropriately.
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